In the extensive pine forest of Thassos, a honey unique in the eastern Mediterranean basin is produced, rich in trace elements, with an excellent aroma and high nutritional value. It is the well-known Pine Honey of Thassos

Pine honey has an almost red-brown color and a spicy flavor . Its taste is woody and reminiscent of caramel. An important fact is that it is rich in minerals and does not crystallize quickly, since its natural glucose content is low, which means that compared to flower honeys it does not need to be heated in order to be used

Of the substances it contains, metals and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, etc.) prevail, which are found in large concentrations in Greek pine honey. The composition, quality, organoleptic elements, even and the form of honey, differ from plant to plant, from region to region, and even from year to year, because they are affected by weather conditions and flora. Dark colored honeys have higher amounts of antioxidants.  

It is well noted that the best pine honey is produced in small quantities by beekeepers who care about its quality. In Greece, on the island of Thassos, the pine honey produced by beekeepers is one of the best produced worldwide   

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