The Lemon Forest of Poros, Troizinia is an area of approximately 500 acres of lemon trees which stretches along the Peloponnese coastline. Today, it is still a point of reference for the region. The Lemon Forest is mentioned in texts from the 18th century and it becomes clear that even then, the area displayed a strong trade and export activity with a focus on the production of lemons.

Inspired by the long history of the Lemon Forest, the Vlachos family has created a range of products using local fruit with the brand name "Lemonodasos" - Greek for Lemon Forest.

Pomegranate juice with a lemon twist

Pomegranate juice is not only tasty - it is also a "treasure chest" of polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants which means it is the perfect solution for a balanced and healthy diet. Our recipe combines pomegranates with our freshly grown lemons - the ideal way to enjoy these pure, intense flavors

5.50 Euro

 Strawberry with lemon juice, mint and stevia

Coolness, color and aroma in a glass. Juice with strawberries and fresh lemon Tree. Enjoy it without regrets! 

5.50 Euro

Sour cherry juice with a lemon twist

Another favorite traditional recipe with a "taste of summer". Handmade sour cherry juice with a "tangy twist", and a subtle, cool lemon aftertaste which perfectly balances the sweetness of the cherry juice. 

5.50 Euro


This classic homemade lemonade recipe brings back favorite memories from our childhood. Revitalizing, fresh and extremely tasty, it has all the traditional ingredients that make it irresistible! We select the freshest, tastiest lemons from the famous Troizinia Lemon Forest and use them to make a revitalizing soft drink which is made entirely from natural ingredients, without preservatives. 

5.50 Euro

Lemonade with ginger and stevia

For those of you who prefer to enjoy all the goodness of lemons without added sugar, we have created lemonade with ginger and stevia. Dare to try a more refreshing, natural detox and give your body a boost with our delicious handmade recipe, as always made with the freshest and purest ingredients!

5.50 Euro

Lemonade with a cucumber twist

The tangy taste of classic lemonade combined with a cool twist of cucumber juice. This traditional taste of lemons with a new twist is bound to be a hit with both children and adults! Enjoy this refreshing, original, handmade drink made from natural ingredients without preservatives 

5.50 Euro

Lemonade with Chios Mastic

Trizinia embraces the island of Chios! The classic lemonade with all its freshness and tangy taste and the unique mastic of Chios create an aromatic and tasty combination that will enchant you. Only with natural ingredients, without preservatives.  

5.50 Euro

Pink Lemonade
with lemon and grapefruit juice

The classic homemade lemonade combined with the antioxidant-rich grapefruit. It helps to hydrate the body and is a good source of vitamins A, C and E, which work together to boost the immune system.

                                                               5.50 Euro

Orange Juice

Fresh oranges, musky, picked from our local orchards in a bottle! We prepare for you the most refreshing soft drink, with only natural ingredients.

                                       5.50 Euro